How to change windows logon screen background image in windows 7?

Everyone wants to do some smart things with their computer, sometime by changing its default welcome sound, by setting your own image as background of windows logon screen. Now today I teach you how to do such a small but smart customization with your windows? This setting is not something like changing its desktop background.

Anti-spam wordpress plugin

Top Five Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress: Spamming application are weak opportunity seeker, whenever they get some loosely hosted site and post they start to show their worthless smartness by commenting and leaving back-links on your post without viewing and reading your post. Let’s start with me to protect your website and blog from spammer installing

Make money from google Adsense

Google AdSense is advertisement program powered by Google. Publisher can earn money from Google Adsense program by placing conceptual Add unit in their websites and blogs. To publish Add unit in website or blog it doesn’t need any cost it is totally free and best way to earn money from online. Before participating in AdSense

how to make money from online without investment?

Make Money from online: Now a days, online jobs plays vital role to earn money from online due to great development and provision of internet facilities over past decade. People are getting large chance and opportunity according to their skill and ability to perform task in sophisticated way. Online jobs are totally based on internet.

Getting started with BlogSpot

   BlogSpot is one of the popular free / self hosted blogging platform among the blog lovers and blogger. You might get confused between and; actually you must logon to to get service such as blog or website followed by sub domain It is owned by, so you need to

How to submit sitemap to Bing webmaster tools?

One Step with Bing Webmaster Tools: Search Engine Optimization plays very important role on discovering of website or blog from many visitors. We must optimize our blog or website in various major search engines so one is not enough. There is no any question and objection for that Google is best search engine but recent

How to submit sitemap into google Webmaster tool?

There are billions of websites are hosted around the world and question arises how to find my or your website in Google very easily? Do not think about for paying money to list your website in Google. It is completely free and easy but we must work hard. As simply we give our identity to

Google xml sitemap plugin to generate a complete sitemap for wordpress blog

What is a sitemap? Sitemaps are very useful for webmaster to enhance the crawling of pages on search engine. Sitemap contains the list of URL for a site, metadata for each URL that provides more facilities to the search engine and as well as to the web crawler for the better crawling of the website.

what is Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is method of placing more keyword in webpage title, webpage description and webpage content in unusual manner by the web programmer or web designer. Normally Keyword Stuffing is considering as unethical SEO (Search engine Optimization technique). Loading more keywords in website title, website description and website content may very harmful in SEO process.

Free SEO Tutorials for Begineers

Before Starting SEO tutorials it is necessary to know basic term of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this SEO tutorial we provide complete information about Search engine work as well as Search engine process. Normally SEO (Search Engine optimization) is related with search engine. The search engine is a place where visitor search particular topic